An Introduction To Using GIS In Marine Biology: Supplementary Workbook Four – Investigating Home Ranges Of Individual Animals

By Colin D. MacLeod

This title was published in February 2014.


An Introduction To Using GIS In Marine Biology: Supplementary Workbook Four By Colin D. MacLeod 978-0-9568974-5-9 19.99

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This book provides five exercises based around investigating the home ranges of individual animals for novice GIS users who wish to get some practical experience in using GIS in marine biology. It is the third companion book to An Introduction To Using GIS In Marine Biology rather than a stand-alone GIS book. It written for marine biologists by a marine biologist, and all exercises use data from a real marine biological research project.

Detailed Description:

This book is the fourth companion volume to An Introduction To Using GIS In Marine Biology. It is designed to augment the information on using GIS in marine biology provided in that book, and, indeed, to be used alongside it rather than to be an independent, stand-alone volume. This book will be of most interest to those who have already read An Introduction To Using GIS In Marine Biology.

This book consists of five exercises on the practical use of GIS in marine biology using ESRI s ArcGIS 10.2 or software. These exercises are based around investigating home ranges of individual animals. They range from creating minimum convex polygons (MCPs) to creating kernel density estimates (KDE) with and without barriers and comparing the overlap in range between different individuals in a population. They use specific data sets which can be downloaded here. Working through these exercises will help the novice GIS user get experience working with GIS and so develop their GIS skills. Unlike most other GIS tutorials, this information is specifically presented in a marine biological context.

These exercises are presented in the same easy-to-follow flow diagram-based format first introduced in the How To… section of An Introduction To Using GIS In Marine Biology. They are accompanied by figures which show the user how their GIS project should look as they progress through the each exercise, allowing them to compare their own work to the expected results.


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Table Of Contents
Beginning Of Exercise One (Estimating The Home Range Of An Individual Using A Minimum Convex Polygon (MCP))

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Data Sets

The standard data set required for the exercises in this workbook can be downloaded by right-clicking on the link below and selecting SAVE TARGET AS and saving it to your computer.

An Introduction to Using GIS in Marine Biology: Supplementary Workbook Four Data Set