GIS Advice And Consultation

GIS In Ecology provides both an advice and consultation service.

Our advice service will help you work out how to do specific tasks that you need to do in your GIS and is primarily aimed at ArcView and ArcGIS users. If you are having trouble working out how to do something in GIS, we can work it out for you. We will then provide you with written instructions using the easy-to-follow flow-diagram based approach introduced in An Introduction To Using GIS In Marine Biology (click here to see examples from this book) and used for the exercises outlined in An Introduction To Using GIS In Marine Biology: Supplementary Workbook One (click here to see an example from this book). We can also provide you with online support to help you out if you get stuck. For more information or a quote contact

Our consultation service is available for those who need GIS work carried out. We can do almost anything related to ecological applications that you might need done and have experience in doing a wide variety of ecological and marine biological-related tasks. However, we only take on a small number of consultancy clients at any one time to ensure that we can provide them with the best possible services, and availability may be limited at certain times.

For more information or to discuss a specific project, contact