Online Support

One To One Online GIS And Spatial Data Clinic

Are you struggling with a specific GIS or spatial data problem that you just can’t get round? If so, our One To One Online GIS And Spatial Data Clinic may be the place for you. Simply contact us via email with details of the issues you are having and we will email you back with a quote for how long we think it would take to solve in an online clinic session, and so how much it would cost, and you can decide if you wish to progress. Most problems can be dealt with in a hour, and few take longer than a couple of hours.

If you decide to book a clinic session, a time and date would be agreed, and once payment has been received, your session with an experienced GIS specialist can then take place. It is as simple as that.

This online GIS support is charged at rate of 70 per hour (with 35 per hour for any preparation time that may be involved by us prior to providing the support). Availability may be limited at certain times if all our teachers are already booked up. In addition, all sessions will take place during usual business hours in the United Kingdom (where GIS In Ecology is based).

Using this online GIS support, we can also provide you with general introductions and overviews of your GIS software, help you set up your own GIS project, provide you with supported lessons either based on the exercises in the supplementary workbooks written by Dr. Colin MacLeod or customised to your specific requirements, teach you how to do specific tasks with your data or help set up a specific GIS projects. Basically, let us know what you would like us to help you with, and we will then let you know if we can do it and how long it would take.

NOTE: In order to use our online GIS support service, you need to have a working copy of a specific GIS software packages on your computer, to have fast broadband internet access where to wish to do the session and have access to Skype. This service is also enhanced if you have Windows Remote Assistance software loaded onto your computer.

if you do not have access to Windows Remote Assistance, or it is blocked from access by your network administrators, you can still access this online GIS support service for some purposes as long as you have Skype, as the Share Screen option to see your computer and help you to navigate through the GIS processes which you wish to learn. Contact for more information.