About Dr. Colin D. MacLeod

Dr. Colin D. MacLeod graduated from University of Glasgow with a honours degree in Zoology in 1994. He obtained a masters degree in marine and fisheries science from University of Aberdeen in 1998 before conducting first ever study of habitat preferences in a member of the genus Mesoplodon, a group of whales about which almost nothing was known at the time (click here for more information).

He completed a Ph.D. on the Ecology of North Atlantic Beaked Whales in 2005 using techniques ranging from habitat modelling to stable isotope analysis (right-click here and select SAVE TARGET AS if you would like to download a PDF of this thesis – its a big file and make take some time).

From 2005 until 2010 he primarily spent his time working as either a teaching or research fellow at the University of Aberdeen.

He has taught about the use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in ecological and marine biological research at the University of Aberdeen, the University of Bangor (as a guest lecturer) and elsewhere, and has been at the forefront of the use of habitat and species distribution modelling as a tool for studying and conserving cetaceans and other marine organisms.

He has co-authored over 40 scientific papers on subjects as diverse as beaked whales, skuas, bats, lynx, climate change and testes mass allometry, many of which required the use of GIS.

In 2011, he created Pictish Beast Publications to publish a series of books, introducing life scientists to key practical skills and GIS In Ecology to provide training and advice on the use of GIS in marine biology and terrestrial ecology.

He can be contacted at cdmacleod@GISinEcology.comhttp://gisinecology.com/index.htm

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